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Thank you for visiting the SOLABASE website.

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the birth of SOLABASE.

I (Representative: Tatsunosuke Imamura) have been familiar with hot air balloons since my childhood because my father was a hot air balloon pilot.

However, in contrast to that environment, elementary, middle and high school students spend their days playing baseball.

After that, when I became a university student and reconsidered my future, I suddenly remembered that I was given a ride in a hot air balloon when I was a child.

I thought, ``Now is the time for my father to teach me how to fly,'' so I volunteered to become a pilot.

At the same time, when I was a student, I traveled abroad as a backpacker, and it was the guest house that gave me the opportunity to meet many friends at that time.

At that time, I set a goal, "Someday I want to create a place full of adventures and encounters combined with accommodation, like a hot air balloon and a guest house!"

After that, I got a job once, but my passion for my goal did not cool down, and I retired in 2015.

The following year, we started renovating a 100-year-old traditional house for the guest house, and in 2019, we started staying at SOLABASE.

However, SOLABASE is still developing.

As the only pilot-operated guest house in Japan, we will continue to explore new possibilities as a place where new encounters and discoveries with balloons and air sports are born.


Influenced by his father who was a pilot, he obtained a hot air balloon license.
Certified Instructor and Inspector of the Japan Balloon Federation.

2016 Established SOLA Co., Ltd.​

2019 Opening of SOLABASE
2020 Japan Championship 10th Place, Rookie of the Year

​2021 Japan Championship 9th place

2022 Saku Balloon Festival 2nd Place

​SOLABASE provides a hot air balloon experience.

He is also active in competitions toward his goal of becoming the world's number one in hot air balloon competitions.

Shinnosuke Imamura


Company's Profile

Trade name: SOLA Co., Ltd.

​Representative: Tatsunosuke Imamura

Head office: 1663-1 Onobukuro, Kazo City, Saitama Prefecture

Date of establishment: May 2, 2016

​Recruiting pilots and crews!

​ Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.


"Pilot everyone to the adventure."​

​Pilot, besides the noun "pilot", also means "to guide".

In order to fly in the sky, humans must cooperate with each other, and harmony with nature, such as the weather, must be maintained.

Flying in the sky teaches people and nature to understand, respect and cooperate with each other.

I believe that by coming into contact with the culture and values of such "emptiness," each person's consciousness will move toward a peaceful and sustainable world.

To that end, our mission is to pilot you on an adventure filled with new cultures, values, discoveries, and encounters.


Leadership, Followership and Airmanship

Everyone has ownership and leadership and followership to do what is best for each other, as represented by pilots and crew. In addition, each person acts as an airman and has pride as an evangelist who can convey the charm and fun of hot air balloons, and guides flights and guests.


We will continue to be a sustainable company by looking at things from a long-term perspective, constantly evolving so that we can continue to grow for a long time, and building safe, three-way relationships with everyone.

Make Wow!!

We will continue to pursue fun that is always exciting. We will grow with that creativity.


Car: About 20 minutes from Kazo IC

Train: 10-minute walk from Tobu Nikko Line Yagyu Station​

​Basically, we do not provide a pick-up service from Yagyu Station, but please contact us if you have physical disabilities, are elderly, or have small children.

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